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100 Days Later: Zipster, Asia’s First Integrated Mobility-as-a-Service Application, Benefits Over 6,000 Singaporeans
27 June2019

100 Days Later: Zipster, Asia’s First Integrated Mobility-as-a-Service Application, Benefits Over 6,000 Singaporeans

● Statistics show that the integrated journey planning feature on Zipster is popular among users, and helps encourage the use of more public transport
● New partners, such as BlueSG, Ryde and ShareTransport, join mobilityX in bringing better mobility services to Singaporeans
● Zipster selected as official MaaS application for 26th International Transport Systems World Congress (21 - 25 October 2019, Singapore)

SINGAPORE, 26 June 2019 - It has been over 100 days since the initial beta launch of Zipster, Asia’s first all-in-one multi-modal transport application. In this short period of time, the application has attracted over 6,000 downloads, and has been used over 70,000 times by Singaporeans to better plan and go about their daily journeys.

Zipster was first launched in February this year by mobilityX Pte Ltd, a SMRT and Toyota Tsusho backed start-up established to provide integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to commuters and companies.

The application provides a single point of access to multi-modal transport options, including public transport (MRT & buses), private-hire vehicle services, shared mobility devices, car-sharing services (to be implemented soon) and many more.

Zipster aims to integrate journey planning, booking and payment onto a single platform. This allows users to view their available transport options, including their estimated duration and cost, arrange their preferred journey through one application and pay through an integrated MaaS payment wallet.

Insights from the past 100 days

One of the key features of Zipster is the function that allows users to plan their journeys across different modes of transport. Once they have keyed in their destination, the application will outline their possible routes, taking into account both public transport options and private hire vehicles, and even other transport modes like bike-sharing and e-scooters. The application also highlights the total cost of each recommended route, and the user will be able to pay for all these services through the Zipster application or with their Zipster card.

Integrated journey planning is popular among Zipster users as they go about making their journeys. For example, 70% of private hire vehicle users and 50% of public transport users (MRT and buses) regularly use integrated journey planning. Public transport users also actively use the app feature to check the latest bus and train arrival times.

“The journey planner feature gives you all the information you need at one glance, including price comparison between taxis and private hire vehicles. Zipster is a really great idea for a transport application in Singapore, and I will be looking forward to more features in the future,” said Ng Tong Hin, a Zipster user.

Another interesting observation based on customer usage of the Zipster application is that with the journey planning feature, users have shown more inclination towards public transport over private hire vehicles. 96% of Zipster users show a preference for public transport (MRT and buses) for their journeys (See Annex A). This is very encouraging given the national figures for public transport (MRT and buses) and taxis/private hire cars are 6.1m per day and 1m per day respectively.

While MaaS may still be a new concept to many Singaporeans, the Zipster application has proven to be popular among younger audiences, with over 50% of users falling under the age of 30.

Welcoming new partners

To help achieve its vision, mobilityX has forged strategic partnerships with several partners across the mobility industry, including SMRT, Singapore’s largest public transport service provider; Grab and Go-Jek, two of Singapore’s biggest ride-hailing operators; as well as Anywheel and Neuron, which allow users to share bikes and e-scooters respectively.

Over the past 100 days since its beta launch, mobilityX has also inked new partnerships with even more players in the industry to strengthen its offerings to Zipster users. These new partners include BlueSG, the first electric car-sharing service launched in Singapore; ShareTransport, a bus-pooling application which creates bus routes based on user requests; and Ryde, Singapore’s first car-pooling application.

As the Zipster application continues to bring more and better mobility services to Singaporeans, mobilityX plans to officially launch the application later this year.

Recognition from industry authorities

In the April 2019 report by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) on MaaS which included case studies of MaaS around the world, Zipster was recognised as Asia’s first integrated MaaS application and payment wallet.

Zipster has also been selected as the official MaaS application for the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITSWC), the world’s leading transport technology congress, which will be held in Singapore this October.

All 4,500 delegates, comprising leading public and private sector transport officials and representatives from around the world, attending this conference will be able to download the Zipster application containing S$8 in value. This will allow them to access a wide range of transport modes and travel around Singapore.

“We are delighted Zipster has been appointed the official MaaS application for ITSWC. This allows us to showcase Singapore’s excellent transport system as delegates experience integrated journeys through our Zipster application,” said Colin Lim, Chief Executive Officer of mobilityX.

“The past 100 days since our beta launch of Zipster have been very encouraging, and the recognition from international industry associations such as UITP and ITSWC are a testament of our progress.” Zipster
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